July is Community Outreach Month: Where are you now?


This November Startup Weekend will reach across county lines to include the entire Michiana region. With seven key cities included in the breath of our net we would like to help bring the communities together. Starting with Kalamazoo, Michigan, we will go city-by-city for five weeks, networking, communicating, and reaching out to any and all who will engage us.

Startup Weekend brings together creatives, techies, and business-minded people for a weekend of entrepreneurial hustle, if that is you, we need to hear from you. Two reasons we are doing this 1. We need to learn about our collective communities, as they are the strongest resource we have in building our future 2. Local leaders have the power to engage their respective communities and we need to meet and equip those people. Here are the cities:

Week 1 – Kalamazoo, Michigan
Week 2 – Goshen, Indiana
Week 3 – Michigan City, Indiana
Week 4 – St. Joseph, Michigan
Week 5 – Elkhart/Mishawaka/South Bend, Indiana

On twitter we will use hashtags to denote michiana and the week’s feature city: #michiana #[feature city] — We are on twitter at @SWMichiana

On facebook we will use the #michiana and #[feature city] hashtags as well — We are at facebook.com/SWMichiana

Starting on July 1st, the entire month of July will encompass our Michiana area. Beth Harsch of Connect Help designated June community building month; we are continuing that effort and building on it by designating July Community Outreach Month!

So join us, reach out, and pull together – Michiana includes many people, and those many people together is greater than anyone of us individually.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, leads, opportunities, or want to tell us about your new dog walking business – email us michiana@startupweekend.org – or of course get with us via twitter or facebook.