Hello Kalamazoo!


What an amazing city, and it has only been a few days. As
we get deeper into the Kalamazoo community we are finding so many
people and organizations (our
Kalamazoo twitter list
). The people we are meeting have
development experience and are even running software development
shops. There are creatives who are marketing, designing, and
creating amazing things. There are community activists who engage
and encourage community building through sharing what is going on
within the community. Kalamzoo has a lot going on and it shows. We
have found a few really helpful and active accounts. The Kalamzoo
Gazette is one of them. If you are not following the gazette
directly, then you are probably following one of the writers or
editors. The social media presence of the gazette itself, as well
as the personnel behind the work is impressive. The other one that
everyone in Kalamzoo seems to be a co-founder of is StartupZoo.
They seems to be quite active making things happen, startup-wise,
within the community. We found that they hosted a Startup Weekend
(woo hoo!) and a TEDxKalamazoo (which we would love to have a
TEDxMichiana during Michiana Startup
). Keep that up everyone! We definitely need to talk
and coordinate! Beyond that there are people like Andy Peninger,
, Sarah Lee, Eric Schmidt,
and Anne
who are making things happen! They are pumping out
work, designing and coding, and helping organize the community
efforts. These inclusive people who are entrepreneurs and who push
the community to do more are the lifeblood. Become a doer. Become
the next step. Become your dream. Follow us on our journey across
Michiana. We are reaching out to area
for the entire month of July – we have deemed July
Community Building month. We want to thank everyone from Kalamazoo
and the Michiana area for helping us to reach out and ban together.
Our next Feature City is Goshen, Indiana. There is a lot of people
who are working to continue to make Goshen great; we can not wait
to meet them too.