Represent your Community at Startup Weekend | Michiana | Midwest


It has come to our attention that the Michiana area spans quite the physical distance. We enjoy road trips, and we enjoy each other, and yet we still wont drive across Michiana 100 times to reach every individual. SO! We need your help. Lets get you involved. If you are a community organizer/leader, or want to be, and passionate about startups, we need to hear from you. St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, Michigan’ Goshen, Indiana; Michigan City, Indiana; Kalamazoo, Michigan; and Elkhart, Indiana.

With that as our rocket fuel, we are reaching out to the surrounding communities for participants in the upcoming Michiana Startup WeekendSIGN UP NOW  We need community organizers, that would be you, to help keep a pulse on the community, help grow and support initiatives, and help expand the geographical lens through which a community sees itself. Startup Weekends are intense immersive-educational events for starting new ventures. Bring 20 people from your area to the event; this is our call to action. We believe that when our communities more often see themselves as being a part of a larger whole, that we together can accomplish great things.

Respond to us with your interest or just get started reaching out to groups and individuals in your area. Respond to us if you are willing to have a follow up conversation about what this entails. Respond to us with encouragement and support. Startup Weekend brings developers, creatives, and business minds together for a weekend to validate ideas, educate individuals, and start new ventures. The weekend is a blast, participants want more, and real outcomes emerge. One of those outcomes has been a community of like-minded individuals; we hope, individuals like you.

The Michiana area has been loosely defined for ages and we wish to include as many large cities as we can in helping to knit the fabric of our common geographical and historical resources. We believe that our human capital and our midwestern work ethic has a play at the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our area, and at the future of innovation in the world.